Near the shores of Lake Michigan on the evening of June 23, 1950 , many people reported a raging storm. There was thunder and lightning and a downpour of rain. In the midst of all that, many people saw or heard an airplane struggling to remain aloft as it flew overhead and then veered out over Lake Michigan.

The storm that night, the next day’s news of a crashed airliner, and the events of the following week were so memorable that nearly sixty years after this accident, many individuals have come forth to offer clues about when, how and where this accident took place. They include people who saw and heard the plane that night, children combing the beach in the days that followed, officials involved in the search and clean up, other travelers that evening – even a pilot flying that night, who turned back rather than proceed east through the squall line. With their input the story of what occured that night has been written.